BarrPad Services

Commercial Cleaning

BarrPad Services customizes our commercial cleaning services to meet the needs of property management firms, facility managers, and commercial building owners.

It has been proven that a clean office can increase productivity.

Your customers, tenants, and employees deserve only the best when it comes to buildings and office space.

BarrPad Services is a leader in the commercial cleaning industry.  It is our goal to provide customers with the best possible service on a daily basis.

BarrPad Services proactively finds solutions for our clients, and strive to build mutually beneficial, long term relationships.


Residential Cleaning

BarrPad Services will assure your house is clean by the time you get back home.  Our residential cleaning services include homes, condominiums, and apartments.

Our crew are well trained to clean all areas, below are some services examples.


  • All floors vacuumed including under furniture and under edges of area rugs
  • Small rugs shook out
  • Closet floors vacuumed
  • Furniture vacuumed/dusted
  • Light general straightening
  • Shelving and decorative items dusted
  • Light fixtures, switch plates and outlet covers dusted
  • Ceiling fans dusted
  • Lamp shades dusted
  • Baseboards dusted
  • Blinds dusted
  • Glass of interior doors cleaned
  • Laundry area vacuumed, machines lightly wiped
  • Wastebaskets emptied, trash taken outside as needed
  • Debris on feet of chairs removed
  • High traffic areas (Kitchen, Bathrooms, Hallways and Entrances) thoroughly mopped, other areas mopped as needed


  • Counter surface scrubbed and wiped clean
  • Sinks scrubbed and polished
  • Backsplashes cleaned
  • Stovetop scrubbed and polished
  • Oven doors and controls cleaned
  • Table top cleaned
  • Outside of dishwasher wiped clean, including door top, side and gasket area
  • Outside of refrigerator wiped clean, including handle and gasket area
  • Outside of small appliances light cleaned
  • Microwave cleaned inside and out
  • Cabinets spot cleaned
  • Window above sink cleaned, if accessible


  • Counter surface scrubbed and wiped clean
  • Sinks scrubbed and polished
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Shower and tub, including tile grout and shower doors scrubbed and polished until soap scum-free
  • Toilets cleaned and sanitized, including sides and base. Area around base of toilet detail cleaned by hand.
  • Tissue and towel holders cleaned
  • Cabinets spot-cleaned

Let BarrPad Services do all your dirty work.

Move In or Move Out

It’s very important to move into a clean, healthy environment.  BarrPad Services will provide you with cleaning services whether you’re moving in or out.

We’ll make your home or apartment sparkling clean, comfortable and ready to use.

BarrPad pays attention to details to increase the likelihood of getting your security deposit back when you are ready to move out.


Post Construction

Knowing you have invested so much time, money, and effort into remodeling your home, office, or commercial building, you’ll want its final presentation to be clean and spotless.

Don’t let your clients move in until you let BarrPad Services do the final clean up.